Children’s Day Celebration


June 2012

Each June parents, families and friends are invited to an afternoon of Unity & Joy where each of the primary and reception classes present brilliant performances of song, dance, and mini-skits to the delightful enjoyment of the audience!  The show usually opens with all children entering in candle-lit ambiance to the soulful tune of “Let your heart burn in loving kindness for all who may cross your path.” The opening performance is a boisterous rendition of Hello to All the Children of the World with all children on stage to welcome their families and friends.  The afternoon is filled with heartfelt performances, which the children have prepared and rehearsed for over a month.  Their talents are adored and their smiles and joyfulness spreads amongst audience members, who are beaming with pride!  In honor of all the children of the world, The Family Learning House children offer their best wishes for a happy, healthy childhood!


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